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We welcome our gift and gift basket colleagues who wish to carry bath and body products. Here you'll find wholesale companies who carry spa, aromatherapy, candle, candle accessories and bath and body products.


Bath and body products are some of the most popular contents for gift baskets.

In the new year major gift shows plan to expand personal and wellness products by 50%.This attests to their popularity and the demand by consumers.

The wholesale companies listed in this online directory offer a wide variety of products for your inventory. Even if you already own a company's catalog, be sure to check their website for their most recent information, prices and policies.

I am Flora Morris Brown, gift basket designer, speaker, author and consultant with 18 years experience in the gift industry.

The information on this website has come from years of operating my own gift basket business, attending gift shows, presenting gift basket seminars, leading a group of gift basket professionals, teaching hands-on classes, creating gift basket websites and sharing information, trends and sources through my weekly newsletter and blog.

This website was designed to put information at your fingertips, saving you many hours of research. As I become aware of new information, I will share it with you here. If you discover omissions or errors, be sure to notify me by email right away.

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